The story starts with our key ingredient, the healthful Matcha green tea. We became inspired by the tradition that Zen Buddhist monks have been using in their meditation ceremonies for almost a thousand years.


We discovered a delicate flavour combined with an energy and focus boost that comes with health benefits. Our discovery evolved quickly into something bigger… A clean energy drink enriched with Matcha that gives you superpawa!


Along the way we met Mister Pawa, who became the face of Superpawa. We think Mister Pawa is a great role model to so many, thanks to his great vision to make the world a better place and he is just full of good vibes that can make us all happy and more positive. Together with Mister Pawa we agreed that we could give him a stage with Superpawa to get a bigger reach and that he could rock this clean energy drink brand.


We are bundeling cultures together, because we think everyone and every piece of the world has something great to enrich us all. Mister Pawa has half African roots and half South Americans roots. And our Matcha energy drink is inspired by the Japanese Zen Buddhist monks. We look forward to dive into more great cultures and traditions!


Our goal now is to conquer the world with the power of Matcha and the good vibes of Mister Pawa. We believe it is really hard to change things for the better in one go, but a lot of little steps towards the right direction will get us there.


This is what we want to apply to a cleaner ocean, better lives for animals and people, healthy and thriving rain forests and whatever else we can think of that will make earth more peaceful and healthy.