Clean energy drink

Clean energy drink that gives you superpawa

The story starts with our key ingredient, the healthful Matcha green tea. We became inspired by the tradition that Zen Buddhist monks have been using in their meditation ceremonies for almost a thousand years. We discovered a delicate flavour combined with an energy and focus boost that comes with health benefits. Our discovery evolved quickly into something bigger... A clean energy drink enriched with Matcha that gives you superpawa!

Why Superpawa?

Matcha Infused

Matcha is being loved for its health benefits and it stimulates the brain and body.

NO Chemicals

Our energy drink is completely clean, only natural ingredients, no chemicals or preservatives.

Unique flavour

Matcha gives our energydrink a unique flavour, fresh and stimulating.


We use only natural ingredients, so our energydrink is organic too.

Matcha, our powerful ingredient!

Matcha is being loved for its health benefits and delicate flavour, and of course its properties to stimulate the brain and body in a healthy and natural way

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